DEN in the City

What happens when a group of DEN Stars begin chatting online?  A Star planned DEN event!! It all began with several of us waiting to hear if we had been accepted into DENSI at Montana.  We started chatting and a plan began to unfold.  A Google Doc shared the good news – hotel and comedy show fun.  There were eleven of us from all over the U.S. – Michigan, Missouri, California, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  Planes, trains, and automobiles brought us together!

Emma and I arrived on Saturday morning.  The fun began with good food at Elephant & Castle and then off to a comedy show.  More food and another comedy show finished the night off!  Favorite quote of the night – “Shift Left”.  Just watch out for grumpy managers who were former administrators!

The fun and comraderie continued on Sunday  with the Museum of Science and Industry – Mythbusters delight!  Excellent exhibit.  They even made a real world connection during their hands-on show. Oh yes, and a little old-fashioned round up to prepare for Montana!  We are prepared for the West. Then – more food and sharing of knowledge.  Rockit had excellent food – except for Gena who had trouble getting her food and then received dish after dish!

Museum of Science and Industry

Headed to Montana

Monday morning we hit the streets for Discovery!!  Our mission – see the Discovery door and with a little luck, Steve Dembo or Mike Bryant!  Well, after serious questioning from security – we were in!!!!  I was impressed with the high level of security.  Mike Bryant gave us an awesome tour of the Discovery offices.  We were a little disappointed that Steve wasn’t there.  The view was awesome though.  We  learned that he needs some sticky notes and scotch tape!!  If anyone is wondering what to get him for Christmas – you now have ideas!!

Steve's Office

The best part of the weekend was sharing with good friends that are as geeky as I am!  Where else can a room full of ladies sit right across from one another and play “Draw Something” on ipads and iphones for hours!!  We laughed, shared, and enlightened one another.  There were crazy goofy moments learning about iballz for the ipad and learning about the sturdiness of ikea furniture.  Serious moments included signing up for geocaching and having Jan show us around the site.  Peg and I can’t wait for our first geocaching experience. 🙂

Thanks to the DEN, Lance, and Porter for introducing me to these wonderful ladies who have enriched my life!  They certainly are DEN Stars and good friends for life!


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